Wednesday, July 1, 2009


A word used so often. An expectation of an entitlement we all carry, yet how often is justice really done?
Our laws are carved out in an arbitrary fashion which too often punishes the victim.
It was necessary to craft the laws this way since we have so few with the fabled wisdom of Solomon to actually interpret what is right in any given case. We have peperpetual victims who finally fight back against their agressors and are punished for whatever small measure of success they achieve.
We have those who know how and when to put on the cloak of the victim to stand up and say: "I know my rights." Skilled manipulators successfully disenfranchise the trusting.
Sometimes where there is no justice, there will be retribution.
More power to the essential truths of G Gordon Liddy.
Where are you now Don Quijote?