Saturday, April 11, 2009

Winds of change

The signs are there to show a confrontation coming over the horizon.
In one respect it's simple since the history is there to not sell out, surrender or ask for a break.
I've never shrunk from the unknown, so the possibilities are actually objects of enthusiasm: TDL, Sysco, Summit...
And 2 little letters say that no matter what, I have a fallback position. AZ.
So many decisions get made every day by people who do not have enough understanding of the problem, nor any idea of the value of what they already hold. Every week I find myself trying to explain to someone chanelling General Custer that we have a warrior in need of training. He looks with blinkered vision, as someone looks at him, and so on down the line.
In other quarters, mediocrity gets praised and rewarded while outright incompetence and dishonesty are tolerated. If people only knew what goes on behind the annual report...

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