Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Review and assess

Quite a year.
I haven't fought so much since 7th grade.
New enemies, and in a higher weight class, but worth it.
I fought for what I believed and what was important to me.
As Spartacus said: "I would kill them all."

Sometimes the things we want are not attainable.
That's okay. I've long since learned to live with that and the knowledge that sometimes the worst thing that can happen to you is that you get what you want.
I don't need to pick a rose to have it fill my soul.

I still feel 30. My memory of events does not equate with that.
I set myself no limitations, and proceeded through this year like every other.
I walk fast, talk fast, think fast..and I drive_like the wind.
My radio dial is set to "what's happening now."
Those who live in the past have their life force drawn back into the earth.

When I wrecked my shoulder a couple of years ago, and my Doctor said: "A ship isn't built to stay in the harbour." he spoke my language. I went back to the steel.


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