Saturday, January 16, 2010

Who controls the loom

Life seems to bring us to places we did not intend to be. Usually, looking back, we made those choices.
Other than the meteor falling from the sky, we choose our path. Sometimes we understand the consequences of those actions and choose to be blind.
At other times, the outcome is unclear, but we still have a choice to make.
Choosing to be blind is the most interesting. We make a bargain with ourselves in order to get what we want. "If I agree to this, then these things come to me."
We avoid the next question. "And then what?"
The Devil does not take a soul in one contract, but in fragments. There is infinite time.
To hold the dry cup of priniciple to the lips when the water is right there, is one of the hardest things on Earth to accomplish.
We are at once all guilty and blameless.
We are human after all, and must choose what sustains us.
If the prize is after all empty, what is traded never returns, and that can be a chance worth taking.

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